Topic outline

  • Translating tourism leaflets/ brochures

    Translating tourism leaflets/ brochures is one of the topics that we are going to study during this semester. This topic is given due to the fact that tourism sector plays an important role in the globalization era. Indonesia, as a country where tourist attractions are scattered widely in many regions, needs to pay more attention on its tourism promotion activities and media.  One of them is through leaflets or brochures. Then the question is how is those leaflets and brochures? Are they already translated into English well to reach global readers/ tourists? If they are not, it can be our job to do it - to produce good translated tourism promotion media for the sake of tourism industry development. Enjoy the translation activity and never stop learning by translating and translating! 


    Read and observe!As you have learnt from the articles, translating tourism leaflets/ brochures that involve two different languages and cultures demands a translator to pay more attention on the linguistic aspects, persuasive language, cultural terms, and easy-to-understand diction. So, to make you more familiar with brochures in Western culture and Indonesian culture, look into these brochures. NOTE some different aspects of language and culture (based on the articles that you have read and summarized). We are going to discuss your answer online during our study period TODAY. Write your answers in the Discussion Forum below.